Our Solutions

At Toqenize, we specialize in the tokenization of traditional financial instruments, providing innovative Asset-Backed Security Tokens (ABST) solutions across various asset classes. Our platform enables fractional ownership, enhanced liquidity, and broader market access, transforming the way investors engage with high-value assets.

Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)

Aviation SBAs Tokenizing aviation-related assets, such as aircraft fleets, airport infrastructure, and aviation services, offers investors exposure to the aviation industry’s growth and profitability potential.


Company Buyouts (LBOs and MBOs) Tokenizing company buyouts allows investors to participate in acquisitions and mergers, benefiting from potential growth and value creation.


Renewable Energy Tokenizing renewable energy projects like solar farms, wind turbines, and hydroelectric plants enables investors to participate in the burgeoning green energy sector.

Infrastructure Tokenizing infrastructure assets, including toll roads, bridges, and public transportation systems, provides investors with exposure to essential services and long-term revenue streams.

Commodities Tokenizing commodities such as precious metals, agricultural products, and energy resources facilitates trading and investment in these markets, offering diversification benefits to investors.

Intellectual Property Tokenizing intellectual property rights like patents, copyrights, and trademarks enables creators and inventors to monetize their innovations and generate passive income streams.

Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)

Residential Mortgages Tokenizing residential mortgage-backed securities allows investors to gain exposure to the real estate market while benefiting from the security and steady income streams generated by mortgage repayments.

Commercial Mortgages Tokenizing commercial mortgage-backed securities provides investors with fractional ownership in commercial properties, enhancing liquidity and offering opportunities for diversified real estate investments.

Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs)

Corporate Debt Tokenizing corporate debt through CDOs enables investors to diversify their portfolios with exposure to various corporate loans and bonds, mitigating risk and enhancing potential returns.


Consumer Debt Tokenizing consumer debt, including credit card receivables and personal loans, through CDOs offers investors a way to participate in the consumer credit market, providing steady income streams and portfolio diversification.

Why Choose Toqenize?

Security and Transparency Our platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent transactions. All ownership and transaction data are recorded on a decentralized ledger, providing unmatched trust and integrity.



Customized Solutions We understand that each financial instrument is unique. Toqenize offers tailored tokenization solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients across different industries.

Enhanced Liquidity and Market Access By enabling fractional ownership and facilitating trading on regulated digital asset exchanges, Toqenize enhances liquidity and broadens market access for investors.

Regulatory Compliance Toqenize is committed to compliance with stringent legal frameworks and regulatory standards, ensuring that all tokenized financial instruments are legally sound and efficiently managed.